Thursday, August 7, 2008

My life would be pretty hectic for few weeks untill end of September. I just got assign new project to involved, it required me to give full determination and commitment beside my regular office work, see how was suppose me to manage the time?? After this kene blaja time management la.. I will be on and off at the office, working late might as well weekend too.. Huuuhuuu very the pity me kan? Bulan puasa kene keje twok, bila nak pegi shopping raya nieyy.. Hmm thats is how the culture of work here, just accept it!!! Soo this blog will be not update regularly, but I will make sure any of valuable story I will share it here.. Tapi kalau cete dah basi tuh harap maap la ye!! Blog... I'm gonna miss u!

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Pstttt.. Tekiu ya!





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