Monday, May 12, 2008

TanGGing game 2.

1. Your Origin: Malay+Minang
2. Your Hometown: Perak&Malacca
3. Your major study: Telecommunication Engineering
4. Your medicine(s): Panadols.
5. Your Computer: is superb. banyak membantu dalam kehidupan, chewahh!
6. Your ambition: To be better person, better woman. better and better and better than now..
7. Your hope for future: Live the life fullest. Happy. Blessing from Allah & my parents.
8. Your latest sin: Leave it between me and our creator.
9. Your Perfume: Women on Earth by Avon, suker! bcoz it really suit me & my character.
10. Your Shampoo: Sunsilk limau purut.
11. Your TV: Living room- Panasonic.
12. Your best photo shot ever did in your life: A picture of me with background of Semenyih Damn. Ppl used to said it looks like postcard..
13. Your most comfort dressing: home outfit- pant bunge2 with t-shirt.
14. Your most adored person: Mak+Ayah. My sweetheart.
15. Your gadget that you're most proud of: My laptop, pink kaler!
16. Your cigarette: Dont smoke! Waste ur money~money.
17. Your hollywood superstar wannabe: Ermm, dunno la..
18. Your fave place for hang out: Borders. Kinokuniya. MPH. hee. BookWorm!
19. Your most DISLIKED color: Striking color!
20. Your worst movie ever watched?: Date Movie~buduh betoi citer tuh..
21 .Your interests at this time: Little black dress novel collection.
22. Your fave magz: Cleo.
23. Your fave childhood (or present) hero: Tomato Man~still remember the song too..
24. Your next album to buy: None in mind.
25. Your next movie to watch: Chronicles of Narnia!~Prince Caspian.
26. Your dream place to get married: As long I'm married to the guy i love, it must be the very wonderful & beautiful day for me. No matter where our ceremony being held. I dream to wear the most beautiful dress for my wedding, thats enough for me!
27. Your hairstyle: black hair.
28. Your most exciting decade: 20th century, leaving school, in university, start to work, now preparing for others life as a women [alam perkahwinan], all the bitter n sweet happens in one decades.
29. Your type of boy/girlfriend: He is Mr Nice Guy, perfect to me. There's chemistry between us, and only me & him knows how it feel. For me, he came with the complete package, handsome [he must be really proud when he read this statement], softspoken, and most important he makes me to be better person.
30. Your friend who knows u very well (opposite sex): Of course Mr Nice Guy la..
31. Your feeling now about LOVE: Love comfort me~now, feel like I'm floating in the air of love..Sayang, love you more than love.
32. Your fave website(s):
33. Your quotes of life: Beribadat seperti akan mati besok, bekerja seperti akan hidup seribu tahun lagik..
34. Your talent that people has already know?: singing haaahaa only my frens know how good I am with it =P (rite Hani?Saz?Azrin?Liza?Take?). Dont laugh at me okay? i know I have a good voice..Hurmm?
35. Your fave legend (person): definitely Tunku Abd Rahman, he free our country. Dr M, he make changes to Malaysia, and we gain respect & recognition from others country.
36. Your fave place to visit when you're in deep misery: to be beside my loved~Encit Lee. Listen & talk to him make me feel relief. Much better. Make me laugh too. Make me forget all the misery behind!
37. Your last song lyrics which stucked in your brain: Ku Merindu oooo [by Ella]
38. Your opinion about life around you now: Just nice.
39. Your fave brand : Dont care too much on brand, as long its suit me.
40. The thing you miss: I miss him~Encit Lee..opss, is he consider as thing?
42. Last thing you bought: Mee Goreng banyak minyak~eurghhh...

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  1. obviously ur in love!!! mmglah kan..orang dah nak kawen...papepun carry on that relationship now n forver my friend


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