Monday, April 12, 2010

Antenatal check up @ 12 weeks

On 9th April I'm having my 2nd antenatal check up...

Just a short update on it. Baby was grow well, dah 22mm hehehe.. Masa scan tu nampak la baby dok lambai-lambai tangan kat mummy, unluckily daddy was not there... Daddy injured masa main futsal so have to rest at home takleh jalan bebanyak.... All the physical part of the baby like hand, leg, brain are developing well, and nampak jugak heartbate baby yang berdegup degap... Definately I'm only carry single baby not twins hehehe.. Ye la, husben ada gen twins so possibilitiy for me to carry twins are higher... Alhamdulillah, baby are fine...

Itu aje nak bagitau HAHAHA.. Mummy still on feeling nause and dizzy mode..... So tunggu la I am fully recover...


  1. alhamdulillah..tahniah yer da 12 weeks da pon ek!!!tak lame lagi da bley scan jantina...;)

  2. tup tap tup tap perut plak membesar dgn jayanya. take care yer


Pstttt.. Tekiu ya!





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