Friday, February 22, 2008

adult = clueless

Life getting tougher,
Now I realize what are adult mean,
Adult=managing our life to the best path we can+making
decision & prepare to any consequences and risk of our decision+being lonely+
make money for the sake of our family & children+managing time between career,
family & ourself..

Am I mature enough to be manage with all this mess around me??
It kinda scared me, but we won't know what lie ahead until we head the waves of
life at sea.. Till then only we will know what beneath it..
The question is, am I equip myself with all the weapon+magic+spell to faces those
pain, suffer, obstacles??
Am I still can smiling like this again tomorrow, next week, next year or next 10 years?
Perhaps, am I can still be the same person as I am today?
I'm clueless now..

P/s: If you are facing the lowest point of your life, just think back of your "nawaitul'
and pray for a guidance from HIM..

"Ya Allah, jika Engkau mengetahui bahawa pekerjaan ini, baik bagi agama dan kehidupanku dan hari kemudianku, maka berikanlah ia kepadaku, dan mudahkanlah ia bagiku, dan berkatilah ia kepadaku. Jika Engkau mengetahui bahawa pekerjaan ini buruk bagiku, buruk bagi agamaku, penghidupanku dan hari kemudianku, maka jauhkanlah aku daripadanya, dan berikanlah bagiku kebaikan di mana pun juga adanya, kemudian jadikanlah aku orang yang redha dengan pemberian itu. " (Riwayat Bukhari)

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