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Sang Doo,lets go to school

Today I would like to share one of the Korean movie that I just finished watch it. "Sang Doo, lets go to school". Check it out the story of this drama!!

This is the story of Sang-Doo (play by Rain), a young single father who has resorted to the life of a gigolo to pay for his daughter's hospital bills. One day, he sees his first love, Eun-Hwan. Circumstances had parted them ten years ago and although he forgot her over time, he never stopped loving her. Even though Eun-Hwan is engaged, Sang-Doo is determined to win back her love. However, Eun-Hwan has her doubts even though she still loves Sang-Doo. She is engaged to Min-Suk and finds it hard to believe that Sang-Doo is sincere about her since he didn't profess his love for her ten years before.

Sang-Doo as a father:
Sang-Doo is a wonderful, loving and patient father, and every scene with his daughter, Bori is to joy to watch . My favourite scene is when Sang-Doo attempting to braid Bori's hair ala Whoopi Goldberg at Bori's request. And the saddest is perhaps when Sang-Doo has to cut off Bori's beautiful thick curly hair. (part ni yang beriya aku nangeh nie sampai meleleh air hidung)

Sang-Doo as a gigolo:
He is suave and smooth as he seduces his targets, then cons them into giving him their cash.
He is forced into this life and he accepts it although he struggles with the shame he feels.
However, when Eun-Hwan accepts his love, he decides to give it up. He quickly learns though that working several jobs, albeit honest, does not cover Bori's medical expenses.
And he reluctantly returns to his life as a gigolo.

Sang-Doo as lovesick Sang-Doo:
Sang-Doo goes to great lengths to pursue Eun-Hwan. He gets a job as a security guard at the school where she teaches, putting up with abuse from the students (hehe memang lawak bangat). And when he gets fired, he returns as a student in her class. It takes several episodes and much effort on Sang-Doo's part before Eun-Hwan admits to herself and Sang-Doo that she loves him. So, happily ever after you think? Not so... huhuhu. After all, what self-respecting
drama would end on a happy note like that without first having the leads part at least once before reuniting (as usual la kan?)

Obstacles are thrown in. When Eun-Hwan finds out that Sang-Doo is a gigolo, she forgives him.
This I applaude the writers for - it takes courage and love for Eun-Hwan to accept Sang-Doo for what he is and what he has done-->ini lah maknanyer cinta menerima seadanya buruk baek pasangan kiter... Eun-Hwan also makes an attempt to win Bori's affections. And as the three of them sit, content, under the tree, they face another obstacle. It turns out that Bori's biological mother, Se-Ra is actually Eun-Hwan's step-sister. This immediately spells the end of Sang-Doo and Eun-Hwan's relationship,

When it is later revealed that Sang-Doo is not Bori's biological father, Sang-Doo has to choose between Bori or Eun-Hwan. To Eun-Hwan's dismay, he chooses Bori. She is so angry she runs back to her ex-fiance, Min-Suk. I am confused yet again. Why must Sang-Doo choose? Isk..isk..
Why can't he continue to be Bori's father and still be with Eun-Hwan especially since he has no blood ties to Bori? I admired Sang-Doo when he said to Min-Suk, "how can I abandon my child for a woman".

Predictably this drama ends on a sad note. After making it virtually impossible for Eun-Hwan and Sang-Doo to be together, the writers killed them off so that they could be together in death.
I found it rather bittersweet at the very last scene. Bori, in a voiceover, apologises to Sang-Doo for slowly forgetting him since his death. As Bori talks, we see Sang-Doo and a pregnant Eun-Hwan arguing over the discipline of her students, then Eun-Hwan goes into labour. The next and last scene is of Sang-Doo and Eun-Hwan out for a walk with their newborn baby. Then Bori says she will dream of Sang-Doo more. The very last scene brought tears to my eyes, seeing Sang-Doo and Eun-Hwan happy at last even if just in a dream. When Sang-Doo and Eun-Hwan
dies in each other's arms, I felt so unsatisfied, but when the last scene came on, I felt a sense of closure..So I suppose the ending wasn't so terrible. It was bittersweet and, in a way, appropriate.

P/S : Love is not only about being together a life time but it's about how we appreciate each other while there are still time for us to be together..

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