Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breast milk ice cream debuts

Women must undergo a health check before supplying their breast milk. — newstuff.blogspot.com pic

LONDON, Feb 26 — An ice cream parlour in London is scooping up headlines for pumping out their latest invention, breast milk ice cream.

Owners of The Icecreamists in Covent Garden, are selling the dessert for GBP14 (RM69) and have called it the “Baby Gaga”.

The first 50 servings were supplied by Victoria Hiley, who received GBP15 for every 10 ounces of breast milk. She pumped onsite after going through a health check.

The ice cream, flavoured with Madagascar vanilla and lemon zest, is presented in a martini glass, a baby bottle containing a breast milk cocktail on the side, liquid nitrogen and a syringe. The cocktail is added to the ice cream and solidifies with the liquid nitrogen to create a theatrical dessert.

Touted as a natural, organic ice cream, the ice creamery has drawn more volunteer moms willing to donate their breast milk.

The ice cream, which debuted this week, has received so much attention it’s already sold out, according to the restaurant’s Twitter feed.

The salon, whose logo is a skull and bones image and whose tag line is to “Lick your addiction”, has come out with provocative and racy ice creams in the past including the Sex Bomb, made with natural stimulants like gingko and the Molotoffee Cocktail, with dulce de leche ice cream.

But it’s not the first time restaurateurs have used human breast milk as a major ingredient in their food. Chef Daniel Angerer of Klee Brasserie in New York also used his wife’s milk to make cheese for his restaurant. The cheese appeared on a canape with figs and Hungarian pepper. — AFP/Relaxnews


Ada berani mau makan?... Dasatkan BM nie, ada org bt jual.... So pikir2kan kebaikan yang terkandung di dalamnye..


  1. nyumnyum...haahaha..nnt kang kalo makan sampai 3 kali kenyang dah jadi anak susuan sesape entah..cemane tuh??

  2. Eish, mmg dahsyat betui BM ni dibuat macam2..Hehe.

  3. wahh...penangn ebm..mcm2 ley wat...khasiat die x tlawan kot..


Pstttt.. Tekiu ya!





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